Music Ministries

The Chancel Choir, with the organ and piano accompaniment, showcase traditional and modern hymns sung to bring the congregation closer to the Holy Spirit.

The Chalice Chimers is a chime choir which performs traditional and modern day hymns as part of Worship Services

Serving Lasagna Dinner at Henry Hosea House / ECHO Kitchen

Once a quarter our church members provide a full lasagna dinner to individuals and famalies at the Echo Kitchen / Hosea House. We graciously serve to the Henry Hosea House community who are in need of a warm dinner.

Brighton Center:
Adopt a Family Christmas,
Red Wagon Food Drive and School Supplies

For Christmas, our congregation 'adopt' families to provide them their wanted gifts for Christmas. Collecting food for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to help families provide and place food on their tables. Providing school supplies for young children to help them start of the school year with the tools for learning.

Lost and Found Class
'Outlive Your Life' Offering

Inspired by the Max Lucado's book, "Outlive your Life", since November 2011, the Lost and Found adult Sunday School class takes a weekly nominal offering. As we see needs arise in our community or church family, we are able to provide assistance. We have given assistance to 40+ individuals and families of our community.
'We are only individuals but as a whole we can collectively make a difference.'

Prayer Shawls

Crafters of our church provide prayer shawls to those in the church who have had long illnesses. Prayers are offered over the Shawls for wellness and comfort.

CWF - Mouse House Arts and Crafts Fair

The Christian Women's Fellowship invites our community to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season with our community of arts and craft vendors, bake sales, bean soup, and corn bread.

Peace Quilters

Quilters of our church design and stitch quilts for baby dedications and for Ronald McDonald House. Prayers are offers over the Quilts for mantle and support of the children.

Family Promise - Provide Shelter

Volunteers provide supplies and our church building as shelter for homeless families on a shared schedule with our community of churches.

Liturgist and Communion Servers

A Liturgist is a volunteer of the church who takes part as a leader of the worship service by providing speaking of the Call to Worship, Morning Prayer, Offering Devotion Prayer, and Scripture Reading done before the Sermon is offered. Communion Servers are volunteers of the church who take the communion elements from the alter and serve the people sitting in the pews as a symbol of how Jesus serving his disciples at the Last Aupper.

Others Ministries for the church include the following:

Vacation Bible School and Illuminations Youth Group's work with Hosea House's "Operation Peanut Butter" preparing lunch bags for day laborers. Easter Basket and Saint Patrick's Day Blessing Bags for children who come to ECHO Kitchen / Hosea House. Christmas and Valentines Day cards to the people of the military, home-bound, hospitals, and nursing homes. Christmas Caroling at Carmel Manor.
CWF: Volunteers of America, Mitten Tree, Salvation Army, Weekday Moral Student Study, Instructional and Women's Crisis Center.
CMF: Community maintenance projects. Ronald McDonald House: Baby and Child Quilts. AA/Alanon Meeting host. 9/11 Cookie Drive to all community police and fire departments in Campbell County, Kentucky. Acolytes and Prayer Bearers. Visiting the Home-bound.