Sunday School Hour : 9:30am to 10:30am

Youngest Disciples

Child Class - Ages: 2 to 4

This class for preschoolers (2-4 years old) meets in the classroom across from the nursery, just off the Narthex on the Sanctuary Level. The Youngest Disciples engage in activities that allow them to begin to experience their faith, and that reinforces the message that God loves them.

Sunshine Sprouts

Child Class - Ages: 5 to 7

This class, for kindergarten through second graders, meets on the third floor. The children in this class explore bible stories and themes through crafts, games, and stories.

Explorers of the Lord

Child Class - Ages: 8 to 11

This class, for third through fifth graders, uses crafts, games, and role plays to explore bible stories and themes. Children in this class learn to use their bible in order to find scriptures, and are encouraged to think and ask questions about the topics and stories they are studying.

Middle and High School

Child and Adult Class - Ages: 12+

This class meets in the “couch room” on the 1st floor, down the hall from the offices. This is a “student-driven” class, with discussion often centering on exploring specific scriptures or using scripture as a way to explore issues that are meaningful to this age group.

Lost and Found

Young Adult and Adult Class - Ages: 16+

This adult class meets on the third floor. This is a discussion-oriented class that often focuses on contemporary issues that arise in leading a Christian life. The class often uses a book or a video series as a “jumping off” point for lively interchange about a variety of topics.

Pastor Bible Study

Adult Class - Ages: 18+

When in session, this class meets on the first floor in the conference room next to the church office. This class focuses on furthering understanding of the bible through close reading of the text, examination of historical origins, and exploration of various interpretations.

Summer Sunday School

Children - Ages: 2 to 16

In the summer, we often depart from the regular Sunday School format, and hold shorter term classes on a variety of topics. Topics in the past have included exploring other faiths, doing a variety of book studies, exploring truth and fiction in the DaVinci Code, learning about the history of our denomination, and many other topics—lasting from one session to several weeks. The Worship and Education Committee is always open to suggestions for Summer Sunday School topics.

Community Bible Study

Adult Class - Ages: 18+

This class is held on Tuesday mornings at 10:00AM in the conference room next to the office. All are welcome to attend. It is usually led by the pastor, and often involves lively discussion about scripture and material related to Sunday’s sermon.