2019 First Christian Church Fort Thomas Kentucky - Leadership

2019 Church Board

* denotes Elder

Chair - Holly Specht *                 Vice Chair - Sara Staab

Administration Team Leader -            Ministry Team Leader -

Kathy Edinger *  Linda McAtee
Butch Deaton

Church Elders

* denotes Co-Chair Elder

Nancy Burns * Kathy Edinger
Don Sorrell Holly Specht
Amy Sizemore Jerry Burns

Standing Committees

* denotes Chairperson

Budget and Stewardship

Nurturing and Evangelism Fellowship

Lori McKinley * Lee Cordray *
Mike Sizemore Linda McAtee
Noel Stegner Nancy Burns
Sara Staab Sara Staab
Don Sorrell

Property and Facilities

World Outreach & Christian Action

Don Sorrell * Cheryl Richardson *
Eric Specht Butch Deaton
Mitch Miller Jill Wood
Jim Thomas Kathy Caudill
Jerry Burns

Personnel and Operations

Worship and Education

Kathy Edinger *
Katie Deegan Nancy Bardgett
June Deegan Lori McKinley
Linda McAtee

Memorial and Endowment

Don Sorrell *
Noel Stegner
Flo Fulk
Lee Cordray

Non-Standing Committees - Chairpersons and Coordinators

Christian Men's Fellowship - Don Sorrell

Christian Women's Fellowship
Kathy Edinger and Jill Wood

Youth Advisory Council -